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Internationally, the demand for global health and wellness practitioners is high, as countries struggle to address their own growing obesity epidemics.  Health coaching is recognized as an important tool to improve health outcomes by some of the most acclaimed health institutions in the world, including the World Health Organization, the U.K. National Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control and the United States Preventive Services Task Force.

We work tirelessly to expand the rights of Health Coach practitioners by collaborating with allies in the United States Congress to advance our collect cause of improving health and wellness.

United States Congress 

The U.S. Senate PASSED the Health and Wellness Coach Resolution (S.Res.67). Please thank Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) for his outstanding support of Health and Wellness Coaches.

We ask the House of Representatives follow the Senate’s lead and pass their Health and Wellness Coach Resolution (H.Res.121) Please sign our petition and help pass the House Health and Wellness Coach Resolution.   

These pivotal pieces of legislation recognizes the contributions of Health and Wellness Coaches and National Health and Wellness Coach Week

We also work to expand the accessibility of Health Coaches everywhere. That’s why we are working with United States Senators and Representatives to include “health coaching” as an allowable pre-tax expense. Please sign the petition and ask Congress to make health coaching more affordable to more people.


We are dedicated to protecting a Health Coach’s right to practice. We work to ensure that the valuable health and wellness services Health Coaches provide are free from interference, from antiquated regulatory models, and from competitor organizations.

There is no law (that we know of) that prohibits the practice of health coaching. Health Coaches are recognized by the most significant health institutions in the world and already play a vital part in the emerging preventative health care model.

In the United States, the First Amendment to the Constitution, as well as the federal protections of truthful and non-misleading commercial speech, allow Health Coaches to provide health and wellness coaching. Additionally, a recent Supreme Court ruling determined that professional licensing boards (e.g. Dietetics boards and their members) are now liable under federal law, and may be prosecuted and sued for civil damages for anti-competitive actions.

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If you have specific questions regarding your right to practice, please email